If this is your first time visiting or you have been directed to this site several times, I sincerely hope you have found it helpful. 
There has been so much knowledge lost, due to the colonization of the world. Much of what remains has been kept for the few and hidden from the rest, or too distorted with dogma to work. 
No matter which spiritual path you are on. I invite you to visit the recommended section for links to helpful and proven programs. Elevate your abilities or learn how to develop new ones. Together as a collective, we are all learning, healing, rising, each in their own time and way. We are all born with divine attributes and abilities. Choosing to embrace the abilities of a lightworker, healer, or world server can be challenging, confusing, and just exhausting at times. 
 From the age of six, I've been working to elevate my natural abilities as a Heyoka Empath Shaman Chiron Wounded Healer, Light-bearer, World Server, Lightworker, Anchor/Umbilical, Activator, Wayshower. Training on Earth and light cities for the last twenty years as an Enochian, Gnostic, Indigenous Shaman healer, keeper of knowledge, mystic, alchemist, master of manifestation, master teacher, healing/angelic reiki, and fortune reader angelic diamond oracle. 
Since the 1950s, higher understanding and connection have led to advancements in technologies. Ancient healing, practices and knowledge modernized. Many are now backed by scientific research, worldwide. Fast track training systems have been tested and improved. The 36 High Councilors of Light, Archangel Michaels teachings, the Kryon School. Frequency and light technologies deliver light codes, activations and healing
on a grand scale. 
 The world is now in a time of collective healing and elevation. In this new cycle, the golden age era of light, we will see a reset to the divine blueprint for all things. The duty of a way-shower is to help people whose hearts are drawn to the light.  As a world server at the highest level, I am capable of awakening or activating others through communication, connection, or proximity.
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The brotherhood of light
Shoulder to shoulder, heart to heart.   
Warriors, Starseed's, Avatars, Incarnates.  
Champions of the light stand with you.   
Will you stand? 
Will you choose to rise? 
Above the illusions, past the lies.  
To co-create the best version 
of yourself and the world. 


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