Never before on this scale have so many had the chance to rise and become divine. This Earth’s souls not only have the option of ascending to the fifth dimension, but also help in this process. It’s time to stop laughing at us and listen to what we say.

Be brave, inspirational

Champions Beloved Masters

We made it to the Golden Jubilee!!!!
Fifty years, building the front line, all of us born already fighting in the trenches. Watching everything go into the final and darkest blackness.
Congratulations everyone.
As normal, our work is not yet done. All I can say is, absolutely, everyone has clearing to do, the next breath is coming, and it will hurt those who do not put in the work. Hold strong, always remember they hit the hardest, and life always looks the worst when you’re in the pullback of the slingshot.
Shoulder to shoulder, one truth, one drum, keep showing them how it’s done.
Light of Light, Love of Love
~Scribe after sojourn with the High Council of Light and the Brotherhood of Light.

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