Developing Cosmic Connection: What is it, and why is it crucial for Starseed’s, Lightworkers, and Healers?

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Elevation & Reconnection of Collective, Cosmic, and Spiritual Consciousness

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Why is it so important for Starseed, Lightworkers, and Healers to reach the highest levels of cosmic or spiritual consciousness?

Emotional control and reasoning can be difficult to understand, and even harder to learn to balance in the lower levels of consciousness. 

A Cosmic connection deepens the connection between the body and mind, as the lower and light bodies begin moving into alignment and harmony with the spirit. 

This higher connection brings mental clarity. 
Helping to bring thoughts and feelings under your control.  

Control is necessary for the highly sensitive, such as the empathic.

Recent interest in the concept of cosmic consciousness is a revival, or re-birth, of a concept that has been explored by scientists and philosophers. Consciousness is the power of life, in essence, the source of all creation. The human body uses it to make decisions and respond to the environment. The practice of connecting with nonphysical realities and understanding of more complex ideas such as love, art, the supernatural, grounding, connections to animals and to nature.  

The higher the level of intuition, knowing, and connection, the better we understand our connection to all beings. These are abilities everyone has and can choose to heighten their abilities. This connection allows for beings of the higher consciousness levels the ability to interact with beings from all levels of consciousness. 

Every form of sentient life on and off-planet can share or withhold energy. We all have the concept of bad people, we call them energy vampires, narcissists, demons, the cabal, along with any personality type that does not fit with our individual ideas of good. 
Instead of seeing another person as part of themselves, most people instead selecting to believe others are evil and that everyone should stay away from this type or that. When we call another evil and cast judgment, all we end up doing is try to elevate the old system of hate.
man in red long sleeve dress sitting on tree branch
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We must learn to live in harmony with the universe. 

Each dimension has its laws of the universe and of existence that need an equal amount of time and resources to grow and evolve into full reality. Every level of existence is unique because only a small portion of the universe has the same rules. 
While every level of existence is unique, there are shared characteristics such as intelligence and personality.  

Each person has different attributes and abilities.

Some people have deep wisdom, while some have emotional maturity that is beyond comprehension by humans. Connection allows this knowledge to be shared across time and space. This is one of the reasons why a Cosmic Connection is so beneficial.  To gain a true sense of belonging or oneness with others of the univ, we must first truly and honestly know ourselves.  
Finding balance in our physical and spiritual life. 

Collective, Cosmic, and Spiritual Consciousness 

There are several stages through which a person may reach the state of “divine,” where they become aware of their true potential.  These stages include spiritual awakening, spiritual evolution, and cosmic awareness.  

The goal of these stages is to learn to live in harmony with the universe without conflict. 
Stages can lead to chaos. 

The final stage, of spiritual awakening, is the point where conscious minds start to realize that they are not separate from the world of matter. The conscious mind becomes aware that they are part of the whole of all creation. 
Then the unconscious mind realizes that they are part of creation.  From this realization arises the spiritual transformation process.  In this process, the conscious mind learns to accept and embrace the idea that there are two worlds: the physical and the spiritual.  

This transition is usually gradual and difficult, but the path is always clear. 
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