Sacred Science, Divine Answers: Do you believe in collective consciousness? Collective consciousness: what does it mean? Taking a closer look at collective consciousness

By MandaLeigh

Sacred Science, Divine Answers

By MandaLeigh

Sacred Science, Divine Answers: Do you believe in collective consciousness? Collective consciousness: what does it mean? Taking a closer look at collective consciousness

Science deals with facts and spirituality focuses on feelings and connection. When it comes to understanding the physical and spiritual realms, science and spirituality can create a sense of disconnect. Sacred Science is a philosophical way of combining the two systems, becoming the balance in the middle. It can help you see the connections between the spiritual and physical realms. If you come from a scientific background, you’ll be able to see the data, and if you come from a spiritual background, you’ll be able to feel the data. By combining the two, you’ll be able to create the balance in the middle of your own life. This can help you to understand the world around you and yourself. The first step to understanding science is to understand the connections between the physical and spiritual. Understand that you are able to spiritually connect with all things. This can help you to understand the spiritual world around you.

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stairs inside, go into the mirror
By MandaLeigh

There is much speculation on this topic. 

People still debate whether it exists or not. One could argue that science and religion are intertwined, so perhaps they could be considered two sides of the same coin. History shows there are also many ways spirituality and science have interacted. Although science remains a relatively new field of inquiry, incorrect religious beliefs have already permeated every facet of society.

Spirituality has existed for thousands of years.

Science and spirit were once thought to be mutually exclusive. The enlightened mind has the reasoning to understand the purpose for both to coexist. This is because each represents the essence of the whole, science, the analytical mind of the Father. Spirituality, the mother, the emotional side. Everything we believe, everyone we know, and everything we love are composed of planetary soul / ego, and the energy shared from one’s higher spirit. Spiritual energy, the idea of a soul, is simply impossible to deny. Whatever you believe, the fact remains that our connection to each other is powerful and must not be taken for granted. 

Some people go so far as to say that the very existence of our universe is proof of a greater consciousness at work. 

Some people believe that collective consciousness is simply the total of all individual consciousnesses, while others believe that it is an entity or force greater than any one individual. This greater consciousness manifests in the form of stars, galaxies, and planets, among other things. It’s an expansive concept that can be difficult to grasp, but the more we learn about it, the more we begin to realize just how interconnected we all are. We often have a sense of those who share or withhold energy. Associating negative or bad energy with personality and behavior types like narcissistic, or demonic is an elevated form of division and separation. Furthermore, we believe these personalities exist in the energy form of only demons and bad alien beings. These types of outdated lower thought forms must be removed and replaced with a higher understanding.

All that is created is composed of energy, the adamantine particle, the foundation of all the energies of creation. It can manifest as different aspects, and combine energies to create new forms and energies. Another view is combining the practice of connection, alchemy, and manifestation, resulting in creation in the world of form. These energies include everything. Consciousness, emotion, empathy, perception, reasoning, imagination, compassion, creativity, intuition, curiosity, all creation. As these forms come into existence, they manifest themselves through various forms or abilities within the soul and are expressed on the physical plane. To the smallest cellular level.

A study to look for spiritual energy.

According to Dr. Bierstadt, it is now possible to test if one has spiritual energy by attempting to contact spirits. This method allows people to interact with others who have manifested in their lifetimes without needing special equipment or medical intervention from a doctor. 

Energies of the soul, body, and spirit are being used to create matter.

The results indicate these methods do appear to work, although many people have difficulty controlling what form they manifest in when contacting other beings. A study done by researchers at McGill University shows it appears to involve a mixture of physical and psychic powers. It appears to be difficult for most people, especially if they have no control over their spiritual energy when interacting with others.

Another theory of energy comes from research conducted by Professor Michael R. Peterson of the University of Chicago.

This is based primarily on the theory used by Albert Einstein in his famous equation E = M 2 – f(x), where f(x) equals mass times energy, which means energy equals mass times energy squared. He proposed spiritual energy may be the result of chemical reactions that occur at the atomic level, not yet reached by human consciousness. When these chemical reactions reach higher energies, they become available to create forms of consciousness known as the soul. Energy also corresponds to the electromagnetic force or the potential energy generated by nuclear power plants, which in turn corresponds to atomic energy. Since Einstein’s formula is a product of theoretical physics, the question becomes.

How does energy come into being?

According to some sources, Einstein believed the universe to be created in six dimensions, and then divided into seven additional dimensions by time, space, matter, antimatter, energy, consciousness, matter, and the five basic dimensions. Other sources believe he was wrong in his assumptions. Others claim he believed in only one dimension of creation, and that dimension was destroyed along with the rest of the universe, due to the destruction of a singularity between dimensions that is responsible for the creation of energy.

Calling Angels
By MandaLeigh

If one has this awareness, they will be able to manipulate their mind with the power of spiritual energy in any manner that they wish (alchemy, intent, manifestation). If someone is aware of this ability but lacks sufficient control over its use, it could cause or accelerate mental illness. There are several theories and principles regarding the nature and properties of spiritual energy. Some theories propose there are three major forms of spiritual energy, each capable of manifesting itself into two distinct planes of existence: the body and the spirit. 

How did the first humans gain the ability to see other dimensions?

According to the more credible scientific authors, the soul was not born of the body or brain, having instead developed out of the interaction between the four primary components of the physical and spiritual world. When a soul reaches consciousness and elevates, it connects and aligns with the spirit. The soul is of earth, the spirit is the light that accompanies the individual on his journey to full consciousness after death. The work of the last fifty years has now put us in a position where the earth-born new souls can reach the highest level of consciousness.

In the past, this level of consciousness was not fully achievable until after death.

While in the body on earth, every person now has the opportunity if they choose to elevate and evolve to the next level. In the past. According to the authors of this belief, souls travel through space in an eternal state of existence. As this immortal spirit travels across space and time, it interacts with all living creatures. There are so many ways of interpreting and reasoning, but the core of all beliefs and philosophies has their root in Shamanic philosophy. 

What essentially is being offered to all is to fast-track the ascension process. Elevation to and past the fifth dimension during life, the evolution of the species through consciousness. Fully supported by those who understand this concept and those of the other planes of existence. We believe it is only recently that scientists understand this concept as they seek to understand more about the laws governing all of creation and the nature of the universe. 

There are two ways most humans think: linear and nonlinear.

Linear thought occurs when we think one stage at a time, from the beginning to the end. Nonlinear thought, on the other hand, happens when we see things in cycles or waves. It’s like going back and forth between different stages of your life; it can be more exciting because you never know what will happen next.

Recognizing and embracing our connection to each other.

We can work together to create a more harmonious and compassionate world. Have we evolved as individuals because of natural selection? Perhaps humans are different. Not survival of the fittest physically, but the fittest mentally. We evolve because of the way we think. Evolution happens when animals evolve to take advantage of their surroundings. 

Connecting sentient life with the divine. 

We will continue to learn more about our world as we explore science, spiritual, and cosmic truth as we strive to understand ourselves. But we are far from the end of scientific and spiritual discoveries. Lifetime after lifetime, working, preparing to light the way. We now work to share the knowledge that was taken away. The game is over, the experiment is done. The Earth has risen, now it is humanity’s turn.

This is just the beginning!  

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